Restoration of the Mithril Throne

Time to Hit the Road
Their journey begins...

Four set out from Lincastle to find five. New travel companions. Underfoot is alive! And a damsel in distress…. next time on Restoration of the Mithril Thone.

Council of Portents and Signs

Another decade has past and its time for the decennial gathering of the clans. Many from each village will accompany the elders of each clan as they travel to Lincastle, a Thunderforge in the south.

Gilain Goldhelm gives the welcoming address (as only he could) & sound off of the clans. When he calls out for the clan of Emberholm there is unexpected silence. Emberholm is not attendance, but they did manage send a messenger ahead of them who explains that they were detained on the road and should be along within the next day or two. When the clan of Boomstick is called to sound off again there is silence, but just before Gilain can move on, in true clan fashion the Boomsticks kick open the doors and announce their presence. Gilain introduces Harmin Oakenfist who wanted to discuss several matters at the meeting.

Oakenfist speaks to the dwarves in attendance about concerns he and some of the elders of the other clans have. They believe several recent occurrences are signs that indicate the clans should unite again as a nation and take back their abandoned kingdom. He lists the following events that have led them to this conclusion:
  • Herders have reported occasions when shearing their flock the wool has turned to silver or gold in the collection baskets
  • Warriors have notice strange habits and formations of throngs of goblins
  • Orc raids appear to be more strategic and organized
  • A bracelet was brought to Harmin Oakenfist which leads him to believe that someone from Silvered Vale, the village in the valley below has found a secret entrance

Oakenfist gives time for the dwarves to deliberate with the members of their clan and make a decision on how they will vote to move forward. The comes back unanimous, with some reservations voiced by the Pathmaker clan. Expecting this, elders have even already given consideration to whom should be sent forth on the mission of reclamation. They present the opinion, who better to send to claim throne than a king? When the historians reviewed the records of coronation they found five men scattered among the clans with the strongest claim to throne. The five called (in no particular order to legitimacy) are:

The 5 potential kings are asked to start their journey to throne by retrieving the journal of Simdin Smelterson hidden away within his tomb to safeguard its secrets. Oakenfist also asks them to search for the Emberholm clan since they’ll be traveling along the same road to get to the catacombs that contain Smelterson’s tomb. With the serious stuff decided the dwarves return to feasting and fellowship. Toasts are made to the health of the future king, whomever he may be.

During a round of barrel racing, Brutus, Carl, Jager and Thorrak find themselves ambushed by goblins. The ambushers are easily overcome, Thorrak finds the purse and everyone made it back up the hill.


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