Bolain Greyskull

Last king of dwarves.


Bolain Greyskull was the last king before the great divide of clans. Greyskull died without an heir or naming a successor. He never took a wife. Pressured by many to marry, he refused every would be queen. Bolain had chosen a queen but she was from a family that had to claim to the throne and the elders did not approve her. He decided to appoint a successor and many believe that it would have been Thindin Oakenfist since Greyskull looked on like a son since the boy’s father died fighting alongside the king in the Troll Wars.

Bolain died from a festering wound delivered by an assassin’s poisoned arrow. The drow suspected was captured, but ended her own life before it could be discovered who had hired her.

Bolain Greyskull

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