Fimli Mastershield


Twin brother of Calri Mastershield and dwarf noble of the Axeheart clan.

While in having meetings in Brishaven to discuss more favorable trade agreements for the Axeheart clan, Horace Goldberg made offers to he and his brother to give their clan much needed gold, resources and the preferential trade agreements if they would challenge the status of the 5 dwarves appointed potential king by the council of elders. Goldberg claims that the brothers have a stronger claim to the throne and what the council did was unjust.

Fimli agreed that he would do this for the benefit of his people. Now he and Goldberg are gathering like minded dwarves to march to Silvered Vale. From there they hope to solidify Fimli’s claim and they have to go to war for The Mithril Throne.


Fimli Mastershield

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