Horace Goldberg

current head of the Gravelfoot


While in having meetings in Brishaven to discuss more favorable trade agreements for the Axeheart clan, he made offers to Calri Mastershield and Fimli Mastershieldto give their clan much needed gold, resources and the preferential trade agreements if they would challenge the status of the 5 dwarves appointed potential king by the council of elders. He claims that the brothers have a stronger claim to the throne and what the council did was unjust.

While Horace Goldberg’s true agenda is still unknown the party recently uncovered that he had hired a thief to steal the bones of Saint Theo of the church of Sarenrae.


Richest merchant in the Gravelfoot clan. Trader of goods, services and secrets. Important dwarf everywhere because he determines the current market value of gold. Many who know him personally have said that everything he does is motivated by lust for power (his personal power above all else), pride and profit.

Horace Goldberg

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