Simdin Smelterson

Dwarven hero


Historical figure and famous cartographer of the Pathmaker clan.


Simdin Smelterson traveled wide and far. His deeds recounted not only in dwarf tomes, but also around halfling campfires, human bedtime stories and ballads of elven bards. A mention of his name is known to strike fear in even the coldest frost giant’s heart. He is even more famous than the great dwarf king Bolain Greyskull, last ruler of the fabled dwarven kingodom of olde.

Popular tales on the halfling caravans are his escapades with Olorry Underfoot. One such yarn spun by these lie-weavers is that Simdin & Underfoot once infiltrated an efreet’s harem through trickery to liberate the riches he kept and steal his women liberate the women he kept and steal his riches. Halflings actually contend the Simdin went as far to shave his beard to accomplish this feat.

The Fate of Fair Pelandar is elven song that includes the heroic last stand of Simdin Smelterson. The truth of the events is told in the dwarven history Battle of Broken Rivers.

Simdin Smelterson

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