Tag: Founder


  • Thindin Oakenfist

    Adopted son of [[:bolain-greyskull | Bolain Greyskull]] and founder of [[Oakenfist | Oakenfist]] clan. Thindin valued peace and the kinship of dwarves above his claims to throne and would not push his claim after the death of King Bolain if meant dwarven …

  • Gilain Goldhelm

    Founder of the [[Goldhelm | Goldhelm]] clan. Born in Duhrig, never did he behold the glory of the Mithril Throne. Led his family and those that chose to follow to Brishaven. There he became a shipwright and then a sailor. In his vessel _Fatima's Veil_ …

  • Hatila Goodhammer

    Founder of the [[Goodhammer | Goodhammer]] clan. Not a lot has been left written down about Mother Goodhammer because it would implicate too many well respected dwarves.