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  • Rosen

    Rosen is from the local human village of Camburgh. Her parents have arranged for her to marry the local blacksmith's son Petyr. Rosen and her childhood friend Felix have been in love for years and have decided to run away and elope. They agreed to sneak …

  • Gilain Goldhelm

    Founder of the [[Goldhelm | Goldhelm]] clan. Born in Duhrig, never did he behold the glory of the Mithril Throne. Led his family and those that chose to follow to Brishaven. There he became a shipwright and then a sailor. In his vessel _Fatima's Veil_ …

  • Fion Bravespear

    Fion Bravespear was born during the Wandering Months when the clan travels south to escape the snows. Champion of the [[Bravespear | Bravespear]]. A young but trusted warrior of clan, much of her story is yet unwritten.

  • Vaulon Eldersen

    Nephew of [[:nordin-bronzebeard | Nordin Bronzebeard]], Vaulon is a sorcerer and a constant disappointment to his uncle. Nordin describes him as arrogant reckless dwarf who doesn't deserve to wield the eldritch power. Vaulon for his part is unmoved by …