Character Creation

Create level 10 dwarf for play.
Stats will be 25 point build (Epic fantasy from table)
Gear purchase level standard x 1.5
Make a level 20 version of character with any gear.
Create your own dwarf clan w/motto. (Examples of the other 8 below. 13 total with player created 5)
Pathfinder deities for now mostly dwarf deities. Free to be cleric of an ideal choosing own domains.

Should be enough to get you guys started. For first adventure give consideration to possible dwarf drinking games and we’re gonna be on a dungeon crawl to start things off properly.

NPC Dwarf Clans and mottos

Gravelfoot — Always prepare.

Goodhammer — Nothing a hammer can’t solve

Goldhelm — Wear the rings you don’t mind losing on your fingers

Axeheart— If you don’t have anything nice to say… sharpen your axe.

Bronzebeard — You may break, but shall not bend me.

Bravespear — Glory lasts longer than gold.

Thunderforge — By the forge!

Oakenfist — The tree without roots can never stand.

Character Creation

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