Ivar and Ildri

Ivar LN
The Protector
Domains – Air, Water, Artifice, Law
Favored Weapon – Pilum

Ildri NG
The Provider
Domains – Fire, Earth, Healing, Good
Favored Weapon – Heavy Pick

Twin brother and sister deities Ivar and Ildri are the offspring of The Debt Minder, Dranngvit. The sibling gods have found a role in the dwarven pantheon aiding dwarves who’s culture revolves around mining and dwarven societies that live exclusively under the surface of the earth (tho not as deep as the Darklands or Underdark of the duergar).

While not brash or unthinking, Ildri’s interests are for the immediate need and benefit of her people – strong caverns and mine shafts to shelter them, fire for warmth and sight and healing for the sick and injured. Ivar’s worshippers tend to look towards the long-term needs and goals for society to not just survive but thrive – fresh air currents and chimneys to keep the underground mines and cities breathing, water for drinking and cleaning. He also focuses on the more abstract needs of a society as a whole, persons to craft the goods needed by others and division of labor and the laws by which the society will abide by.

Together the twins have struck a balance that they and their worshipers are able to progress and succeed together. There are times, however, where their guidance is not the same for a given situation and debates arise in their worshiper’s cities over the immediate need versus the goals of the future.
As rare as subterranean druids may be, many choose to revere both deities as their patron, viewing them as two halves of a balanced whole.


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