Dwarf Clans

NPC Dwarf Clans

Gravelfoot — Always prepare.

Goodhammer — Nothing a hammer can’t solve

Goldhelm — Wear the rings you don’t mind losing on your fingers.

Axeheart — If you don’t have anything nice to say… sharpen your axe.

Bronzebeard — You may break, but shall not bend me.

Bravespear — Glory lasts longer than gold.

Thunderforge — By the forge!

Oakenfist — The tree without roots can never stand.

Player Created Dwarf Clans

Mithralbreaker – If hitting it didn’t work, you didn’t hit it the right way hard enough.
Pathmaker – Freedom is strength.
Emberholm – Send the burning, cleansing flame!
Knokerhaus – The proper tool for the proper task.
Boomstick – This is my boomstick!

Dwarf Clans

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