Legend of the Mithril Throne

The Hungry Wolf hunted for his dinner. Rabbit and pheasant would not satisfy him tonight, nor were any to be found for the Hungry Wolf was greedy and hunted even when his belly was full, so he ventured far from the heart of the forest to the hill tops. There in the clearing he spotted his supper. A man relaxed assuming himself safe playing music under a tree. The Hungry Wolf circled looking for best angle to strike. He jumped in front of the man and snarled, licked his fangs mouth watering.

The man cried out for the wolf to stop, stop and listen. The wolf surprised himself when he did. The man had a deal to make with the Hungry Wolf if he would spare his life. The man claimed he knew where to find Bolka, golden haired daughter of Torag and Folgrit, and her flock. Wolf grew more intrigued at the prospect of mutton from the sacred flock. The sheep of this flock had fleece of gold and silver and the rams had horns of pure mithril. With Bolka watching over them he didn’t have a chance. He called the man a fool and sprang at him.

The man evaded the Hungry Wolf and pulled an elaborate flute from his pockets and played. Again the Wolf stopped and stared at the man. The man then explained the rest of his plan. He would play a beautiful song dedicated to Bolka and her loveliness and draw her away from the flock, giving the Hungry Wolf time to acquire the lambs of his choosing and be off before she returned. The agreement was made.

Far they trekked. Higher and higher in the hills they climbed. More than once the Hungry Wolf considered going back on his word and swallowing the man whole. The hope of lambs was all that saved the flute player.

The Hungry Wolf hid and watched the man wander down a path within earshot of the flock. He played as strolled further away. Bolka heard the flute and became fascinated with the melody. When it became fainter she followed the sound hoping to find the source. When she was out of the sight of flock the Hungry Wolf took his moment.

Instead of taking just a lamb or two the wolf became frenzied. He sank his fangs into every sheep that did not have time to flee. The flock was in chaos. They scattered except for the great rams of the flock who stayed to defend the rest. They battered the wolf and struck him with their great mithril horns. Several were slaughtered but eventually the Hungry Wolf fell.
Bolka abandoned her chase and returned to where she had left her flock. She was overcome by immediate guilt and grief when she saw the remains of the great rams and not a ewe or lamb was in sight. She then weeping took her shears and cut off her golden locks. As the shining coils fell they turned black. The world was plunged into flood and darkness.

Folgrit watched her daughter’s lament not taking action for she knew that time heals most heartaches. Bolka refused all comforts her brothers brought to her. More time had passed. Folgrit could not bare to see her daughter despair anymore and came up with a plan to restore her daughter’s good spirits. She went to the dwarves and bade to gather the lost flock of Bolka. While they searched she gathered Bolka’s midnight tresses and wove a great net. She placed into the sky so that the world was no longer constantly covered in the darkness. When the dwarves returned with the lost flock, Flogrit placed each ram, ewe and lamb in their own safe place within the net.

Bolka’s joy was restored and hair grew out full and golden again. Again the earth was warm and bright. The flood waters withdrew. To reward their assistance, Folgrit commissioned a great mithril throne forged by Droskar for the dwarves to use in their great kingdom. Bolka gifted them the rest of the mithril horns of the fallen rams that the dwarves forged for themselves into the great gates of their city. Mother and daughter worked together wove the cushions for the throne from the silver and gold fleece.

For many years dwarven kings and queens ruled in peace and prosperity within The Halls of the Mithril Throne. A great golden age for dwarven artistry, crafts and lore. The golden age ended when the last great king Bolain Greyskull died without naming a successor. Rather than have their great kingdom marred by civil war the dwarves divided into the clans and scattered throughout the realm.

Dwarves for many years made pilgrimages to the city to mantain and teach the younger dwarves their history. Simdin Smelterson led the last expedition to the Halls of the Mithril Throne to seal the gates to protect the riches and culture of dwarves when it became evident that a human settlement that began to thrive in the basin.

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Legend of the Mithril Throne

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