“And when Baldric Elf-Besotted stood before our people and declared himself king of all dwarves everywhere, he gleamed in elvish-styled mithral plate, wielding an elvish-style mithral sword, and holding an elvish-style mithral shield. And then did Kaizar, son of Kurnin, leap forward with the weapon of his grandfathers and declare Baldric’s ancestors to be of illegitimate stock. Baldric braced himself with all of his invincible finery, and Kaizar struck through it all, and cleaved Baldric in twain in the same stroke. And did he do it with the skill of martial masters? Did he do it with the magics of the ancient world? Did he shatter mithral and cut a dwarf in two with a hammer with diplomacy? No, he did it with BRUTE FORCE!”

- The Mithralbreaker Histories, Vol. 1

The Mithralbreaker clan are made up largely of two professions… warriors and miners. They sometimes branch out into such fields as clearing rubble, cutting passages through forests (and mountains), and generally any activity that involves hitting something with a hammer or an axe until it stops being a problem. This, and their, well, dwarvish tendency towards rough language and bawdy behavior has given them a reputation as brutes and curs.

The reputation is not entirely deserved, as the Mithralbreaker clan actually has a high appreciation for dwarvish culture, be it art, music, architecture, or almost anything else that can lay a claim to being properly dwarvish or even just made by dwarves. They simply see themselves more as the enablers and protectors of other dwarves who have devoted themselves to such pursuits… a dwarvish artisan needs raw materials and someone to keep orcs off his back while he’s crafting fine drinking mugs, after all.

When the Mithralbreakers craft their own products, be it weapons or architecture, it is generally straightforward and largely utilitarian in style. This does not mean it lacks in complexity or decoration… simply that a warhammer may begin life as utterly basic of form and unadorned, and then be decorated or even added onto in idle moments by its owner or its line of owners over time, resulting in something more like dwarven folk art than a piece crafted to be beautiful and untouched over its lifetime.

Though the actual Mithralbreaker line is considered the lords of the clan, they make a point of spending most of their lives as laborers and warriors right beside their kinsmen. Lords of the Mithralbreaker line who spend too much time on their thrones may find themselves tossed off of it by annoyed relatives who are tired of building roads and breaking rocks without seeing their leader’s face. While the Mithralbreaker line may boast and brag about their lineage and right to rule constantly, it is often in a blustery tongue-in-cheek manner… it is difficult to be utterly serious about your fine bloodline and your rightful place on the throne when you’re as shirtless and covered in common road dust as the next dwarf, after all, as far as they’re concerned.

The current king of the Mithralbreakers is Orianna Goldeater, a female dwarf famous for rallying the sinking morale of five dozen dwarves stuck in a cavein without the proper tools or any rations. Saying that if they had no food, they’d have to eat what they loved next best, she took a bite out of a solid gold nugget the size of a goose’s egg. The sight emboldened and heartened the trapped dwarves and led them to rally and dig themselves out in a mere three days. Her favored offspring is Brutus Mithralbreaker.


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